Oslo Strikkefestival
A fest for fiber-lovers and yarnaholics in the heart of Oslo




Oslo Knitting Festival is Norway's only community-driven, international fiber festival.

The goal of Oslo Knitting Festival is simple. We aim to promote fibre crafts the way we know them to be: modern, relevant, accessible and always surprising.

From what started as a dream of uniting a small group  of yarnaholics, we attracted over 1600 fiber-heads in one day in November 2015. So this year we're planning a whole 3 days of woolly goodness, with vendors, instructors and attendees from all over Europe coming together to nerd out hard about one of life's ultimate pleasures: yarn.

The festival is organized in collaboration with Deichmanske Bibliotek, and held at Hovedbiblioteket and Grünerløkka.

Katie Zissou: Festival DIrector

Katie loves two things in life: yarn and beautifully organised spreadsheets.

When she's not knitting her way to and from meetings to organise Oslo Knitting Festival, she'll be nerding about yarn with her customers at Pickles, or working on a billion other projects in Event Management.

You can find her on instagram @zissousweets


Tone is a project manager with a background in design, and a passion for all things handmade and natural (but then that's to be expected from a Vestlands-girl).

After 5 years in Melbourne focussing on illustration, graphic design and product design, she has just moved back to Oslo, where, when she's not working, you'll find her crocheting, weaving or watering her ever-growing collection of plants.

You can find her on instagram @sjaastad


Oslo Knitting Festival is made possible
thanks to the generous support of:

Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek

Grünerløkka Bibliotek

and all our amazing, fluffy, cuddly volunteers!


Wanna join the fun? We'd love to hear from you!


Send us a mail, say hi, and let's get a cup of tea and talk about woolly goodness and what we can do together!

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