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A fest for fiber-lovers and yarnaholics in the heart of Oslo

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A (very short) history of Oslo Strikkefestival’s Magazine

We printed our first 150 copies of the Oslo Strikkefestival Magazine for our launch at Deichmanske Library in August. They were a huge success; every single copy was picked up within 30 minutes, and for two weeks after the launch we were still receiving emails from avid knitters who wanted a copy to call their own.

You can view the first edition of the magazine here


We are looking to print a minimum of 500 copies of the magazine, which will be available at several points of the festival for our 3000+ expected attendees. A purchase of the advert in the magazine also includes a free advert in the digital guide to Oslo that we will be sending out to our international participants.



Full page (A4)        2500 kr

Half page        1500 kr

Quarter page          800 kr

Eighth of a page      500 kr


Full page (A4)     4500 kr

Half page         2500 kr

Quarter page        1500 kr

Eighth of a page      800 kr


What does an advert include?

If you purchase any magazine advert larger than 1/8th of a page, we can provide advice with design and/or copywriting. Tone’s background in graphic design, and Katie’s in copywriting and marketing means we can set you on your way to creating the perfect advert for your target audience.

PLUS! If you purchase an advert in the magazine, we’ll include the same advert in our digital guide, absolutely free! The digital guide to Oslo will be sent to all our international participants, to make sure they know where the absolute best spots can be found for any fiber-head in our lovely woolly city.

Any questions?

Just send them on over to: katie@oslostrikkefestival.com or tone@oslostrikkefestival.com :)


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