Yarn, patterns, equipment, goodies, stash & all things nice are what’s on offer in this year’s vibrant, international marketplace.

In our marketplace, small purchases have big actions. All of our vendors are strong-hearted, small-biz owners, so while you’re growing your stash, you’re also taking action to support your fellow fiber-fanatic. Way to go you! 

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Anna's Angora

Anna's Angora sells hand-made and machinespun yarn in pure angora or angora/wool blends. Everything is in ethical angora from her own rabbits. You will also find some finished knitted products and angora fiber for spinning and felting.

@annasangora / Fb: Vigdis Garder /



Birch & Bike | Handcrafted Goods

Birch & Bike is a small-batch creative studio focusing on handcrafted leather and fabric goods. The name is the pulsing heart of Birch & BIke's philosophy. The Birch is there to remind that nature cannot be separated from the rest, it rules everything no matter how hard we try to control it. The Bike represents the human-made side of life and is the symbol of slow movement and of mindfulness.




Fortuna er grossist for Wollmeise Yarns i Norge. Vi leverer også garn og fiber fra Hedgehog Fibers og Malabrigo, samt Regia, Opal, Arwetta Classic i nettbutikken.

@garnbutikkenfortuna / Fb:



G-uld is all about natural dyeing of yarn, using dyes that was used in the nordic countries for thousands of years. Creating great patterns for knitting, and teaching about natural dyes. 

@gulddk / Fb: G-uld /



Garnkompaniet selger blant annet pelsullgarn fra blide, norske sauer og deilig kamgarn fra Hillesvåg garn.

Fb: Garnkompaniet


Garnsurr is a hand dying social integration company for refugee women. They dye yarn for sale; knit and learn Norwegian!



Grünerløkka Husflidslag

Grünerløkka Husflidslag is a brand focusing on traditional Norwegian knitting with a modern twist.

Fb: Grünerløkka Husflidslag /


Gyldendal Norsk Forlag er et av Norges ledende forlag innen håndarbeidsbøker. Bare i år utgir vi åtte titler innen dette feltet. Møt flere av våre forfattere under Oslo Strikkefestival.

Kettle Yarn Co.

The fibres of Kettle Yarn Co. are sourced from ethical mills, all materials and products carefully chosen to reduce negative impacts on the environment. For discerning makers looking for the most precious materials, all yarns are extensively wear tested and only the highest quality, scrumptiously soft but rugged blends make the grade for my yarns.

@kettleyarnco / Fb: Kettle Yarn


kit couture.jpg

Kit Couture

Our designs are based on the Scandinavian design tradition spiced with the best and most inspiring from the Danish fashion world. Our kits contain everything you need to get you started on your project. With our digital tools do you’ll finish with the result that you will want to wear or display in your home.

Lille Rille Design

What happens when a crazy, creative, yarn addicted civil engineer is supposed to be looking for a real job? She starts dyeing yarn, of course!

lille rille design.png

lofoten wool.jpg

Lofoten Wool

Lokal ull fra Røst og nordnorge spunnet til vakkert og godt strikkegarn. Norsk ekte og naturlig. Fra lykkelige sauer !


Lykkesau produserer et herlig, økologisk ullgarn fra en liten flokk usedvanlig tamme og kjælne hobbysau av rasen "eventyrblanding". Garnets farger varierer fra år til år etter enkeltindividenes naturlige fargespill i ulla.

@lykkesau / Fb: Lykkesau


Webshop and yarniebusiness owned and run by a indie dyer, pattern maker and biologist. Ninapetrina brings you organic and high quality yarn and accessories from all over the world. / Fb: Ninapetrina /



Norne Yarn

Norne Yarn is an Oslo based indie-dyer specialising in kettle-dyed luxury yarns. Great care is taken to choose scrumptious yarn bases for discerning crafters. All colourways are inspired by Norse history.



paelas ble dannet i 2014 etter at de tre gründerne bak møttes gjennom instagram og oppdaget en felles interesse i å skape og formidle strikk. Sammen driver de nå som selger strikkeoppskrifter, i hovedsak til barn. De har også gitt ut boka Barnestrikk fra paelas og bidratt i Gyldendals strikkedagbok. For å vise frem strikk og inspirere andre er de aktive på instagram gjennom @paelasknits, @panda_mr, @frida_bre og @madebysiri har spredt seg over hele verden, noe grunnleggerne er både ydmyke og stolte over å


Ruta Naujalyte

Ruta Naujalyte is a professional textile artist usually working with crochet miniatures. She creates miniature textile art pieces and then transforms them into either jewelry, sculptures or prints. 




Spinnvilt formidler utstyr og kunnskap knyttet til tekstile håndverksfag, med vekt på spinning og veving. Butikken holder til på Lilleborg, Oslo, og drives av Eirik Bruvik og Tove Skolseg. De er begge profesjonelle tekstilkunstnere.


Telespinn er et gårdsspinneri på gården Midt-Svartdal i Seljord, i hjertet av Telemark. Vi spinner alle sorter animalske fiber, og har spesialisert oss på fiber fra mohairgeita.

@telespinn /

tweedy todd.png

Tweedy Todd

Tweedy Todd is a small Indie-dyer company based right outside of Oslo. With a eye and heart for the smallest of details they paint their yarns merely by hand; as for the speckled ones, one by one. "Our passion for your pleasure ❤"

Unni Strand

Unni Strand is an eco friendly textile company. She designs and sells her hand printed and digitally printed products, inspired by nature.


Værbitt garn

Hand dyeing Norwegian yarns made of local wool at local yarn mills, including Værbitt´s own yarn line, VENULL: Norwegian wool and Australian cashmere. Cast on something specled, semi solid, variegated - or all at once in happy yarn!


Family-owned woolly webshop located in Bergen. They love yarn, gorgeous colours, good quality and knitting accessories! Proud to be Quince & Co Flagship Store and Twig retailer.




Soft, lustrous, mohair and Wensleydale yarn from our own Angora Goats and Wensleydale Sheep. Home grown in the UK, locally spun and hand dyed. Contemporary patterns too. Sustainable, ethical fashion.


woollenflower sells fine-gauge plant-dyed yarns, reclaimed tweed tool pouches and project bags, and stranded colourwork cowls in patterns drawn from nature. classes in natural dyes and knitting technique. Find out about her classes at Oslo Strikkefestival.


Økogarn is your online store for environmentally friendly quality yarn. We focus on ensuring that our suppliers' production methods are gentle on nature, people and animals, and we only stock quality yarns that are organic, eco-labelled, recycled or fair trade. We also carry knitting needles and crochet needles in bamboo and birch, and other related products that are produced in environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical ways.

@okogarn /Fb: Økogarn /


Check out our Vendors Map to plan your Oslo Strikkefestival Marketplace Tour!