Oslo Strikkefestival
A fest for fiber-lovers and yarnaholics in the heart of Oslo





Who’s behind the festival?
Oslo Knitting Festival is organised by Tone and Katie, with a little help from our friends; the Rock and Roll librarians of Deichmanske Head Library, and the purveyors of historical crafty goodness - the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

Handicrafts and community are what get our hearts racing, and what make working on Oslo Strikkefestival our favourite thing to do.

Tone Sjåstad (the tall one)
With a background in graphic design, Tone has a weak spot for the handmade and mad skills with a spreadsheet.

Katie Zissou (the teeny one)
Event Manager and long-time knitaholic, Katie’s enthusiasm for crafts and logistics is—not unlike her stash—never-ending.