Myth-Busting: Facts and Fiction for Knitting Nerds — Ingun Grimstad Klepp and Tone Tobiasson


Does wool that is not superwash-treated have to be hand-washed? What is actually superwash? Can you be allergic to wool? What is the most environmentally friendly fiber to knit with? Why is everyone talking about microplastics? Is wool naturally anti-bacterial? Is Norwegian wool too itchy?

Researcher Professor Ingun Grimstad Klepp and journalist Tone Skårdal Tobiasson will debunk myths and separate fake news from fact once and for all.

Time: Sunday 14:30–15:15
Language: English
Price: kr. 90,-

Billetter tilgjengelig fra 22. Juni, 10.00

Ingun Grimstad Klepp is a research professor at the National Consumer Research Institute SIFO, which is now part of OsloMet.

Tone Skårdal Tobiasson is a journalist and editor, who writes mainly on sustainability issues tied to textiles, fashion and apparel.

Together they have written the books Ren ull, Strikk med norsk ull and Norsk strikkehistorie, the latter two published by Vormedal publishing house. This fall they have published a fourth book together: Lettstelt, a book on textile care.

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