Debate: Craft & Feminism


2017 has been the year feminism and crafting have culminated to become front page news. But are the terms “Craft” and “Feminism” antipodes? Can we truly take practices that for centuries have been taken for granted as part of the woman’s realm, and subvert them for our own and each others’ empowerment? During this debate, we’ll take a look at the role of craft in feminism, feminism in craft, and how an action as small as threading a needle can play a part in smashing the patriarchy.

Jorid Martinsen

Jorid Martinsen works with communication and culture on a daily basis with the Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association, as well as being Project Manager for Wikimedia Norway. She has an education in Cultural Sciences, and strives for recognition for other women's skills and knowledge. She dabbles in different textile techniques on an amateur level.

Panel members
Jenny Keller

Jenny Keller works as a high school teacher. She has also written the books "Strikk i Strid" and is publishing Superstrikk - a knitting book for children who want to change the world - this autumn.

Josefine Hedlund
A substitute teacher, soon to be textileteacher. She is part of the Swedish podcast "Stickkontakt", and as a knitter she is curious and colorful and loves steeking.

Kathrine Frey Frøslie
Kathrine Frey Frøslie is a knitting statistician with a PhD in blood sugar regulation in pregnant women. She works in a National centre for women's health, and in her spare time she writes the popularized science knitting blog "Statistrikk".

Time: Friday 19:00—20:00
Language: English
Price: Free!

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