Tickets will be available on sale Thursday 6th of July at 10:00and in previous years have sold out fast fast fast!

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Daytime Tickets 

Presale Price: 130,- per day

Buy your ticket in the pre-sale and win 1 of 5 Oslo Strikkefestival Goodie Bags!

At Norsk Folkemuseum, Saturday 11AM - 4PM
At Norsk Folkemuseum, Sunday 11AM - 4PM

Gives entry to:
Marketplace, Live Podcasts, and Daytime Activities

See the full programme for each day here
NB! Talks & Debates and Screenings each require their own additional ticket!

Friday Night Opening Party!

Price: Free!

At Deichmanske Hovedbibliotek, Friday 6PM - 11PM

Gives entry to:
Night-time Activities on Friday

Workshop Tickets

Price: 300,- – 600,- 

For the workshop stated on the ticket PLUS entry on the day of the workshop

Talks, Debates and Screenings 

Price: 70,- – 100,-

For the Talk, Debate or Screening stated on the ticket

NB: Talks & Debates and Screenings at Norsk Folkemuseum each also require a DAYTIME TICKET for the same day

Tickets go live on Thursday July 6th at 10:00!

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