Fixing Common Knitting Mistakes - Julia Billings


Learn to fix simple knitting mistakes and try more complex ones before you give up! We’ll explore dropped stitches, incorrect stitches in textured knit/purl patterns, missing, extra or incorrect increases and decreases in lace, miscrossed cables, the use of lifelines, lengthening or shortening a garment and other tips and tricks. 

Time: Sunday 10:00—12:00
Language: English
Level: Intermediate. Basic casting on, off, knit, purl, increasing, decreasing. Experience in lace and cables useful, not essential.
Class size: 10
Price: Kr. 350,-
Bring: 50gm ball of DK Aran weight non-superwash yarn and corresponding needles, crochet hook in similar size, cable needle, locking stitch markers. 

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About the instructor:

Julia Billings is a knitter and natural dyer and teacher of both. She hails from Australia but is currently based in Glasgow, where she gets out often to walk, collect dye plants and soak up Scotland’s fabulous beauty.

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