Get Published! - Karie Westermann


If you are an aspiring designer who wants to see your name in print, this is the workshop for you. You’ll learn about calls for submission, what editors are looking for, how to work with moodboards, and how to make your designs stand out. 

Time: Saturday 10:00—12:00
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 20
Price: Kr. 400,-
Bring: Homework will be provided 3 weeks before the class: students will be sent a PDF with a moodboard & will need to bring one basic design idea + related swatch to the class. The swatch should be at least 10cm x 10cm and blocked. The type of yarn used does not matter. 

→ Kjøp billett her!


About the instructor:

Karie Westermann is a Danish/Scottish knitwear designer who does things with wool and words. Her work combines her twin loves of storytelling and craft. Karie has just finished This Thing of Paper - a knitting book about books, knitting, and the world in which we live.