German Short Row Heel & Mini Heel Flap Adjustment – Mina Philipp, Knitting Expat

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Mina will take you through working a Mini Heel Flap Adjustment and German short-row heel while practicing on a sample sock. She’ll also guide you through how and where you may want to make changes based on your stitch count. This class will be focusing on working the techniques while working a sock Cuff Down only, however, written instructions and tips will be provided on how to work this heel method toe up as well.

Time: Sunday 12:00—14:00
Language: English
Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/decrease; working in the round; have knit a few accessories; knowledge of sock construction; short rows
Class size: 14
Price: Kr. 750,-
Bring: Sample sock homework, still on its needles with working yarn attached, scrap yarn in a different colour, tapestry needle, scissors, Pen & Paper

→ Get your ticket here from 22nd June, 10:00

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About the instructor:

Mina Phillip is a Knitwear Designer and Podcaster from the UK.